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    "The cosmos brings you everything", that's my motto. Therefore, in the beautiful ways of our eternal present, I have had the joy of cultivating truly ineffable experiences, friends from different places and many other things that make us grow and rise towards the paradise of our dreams… I love creativity, freedom, and love itself. I also love my job: I'm a Musician, Poet, Workshop Leader, Holistic Coach, Reiki Master, a seasoned Tarot Consultant and lifelong learner. I studied two BAs (Music and Literature), a MA in Western Literature and several diplomas related to Constructivist Education. I also hold certifications in: Counseling and Gestalt Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master Teacher, Colors of Angels, Bach Flowers, Aromatherapy, Crystals, Feng Shui, Astrology, Energy Healing, Tarot, Runes, Numerology, Relaxation, Spiritual Counseling  and the Quantum Life Coaching. I am also licensed as a Certified Angel Card Reader™, Clairvoyance Therapy, and Certified Realm Reader by Doreen Virtue. Now I'm studying Dutch, French, Kabbalah, Sacred Tarot, Yoga, and  Musical Production. Nice to meet you! Your presence in this holistic gardenis a blessing to me. xoxo Cindy 

    Core Professional Certifications

    MA Western Literature
    BA Spanish Letters
    BA Music & Instrumentalist
    International Teacher Training
    Art Therapy
    Expert in Counseling & Gestalt Psychotherapy
    Erickssonian Hypnotherapy
    Master Life Coach
    Quantum Life Coaching
    Life Coaching Certification
    Life Purpose Coach Certification
    Happiness Life Coach
    Group Life Coach
    Relationship Workshop Facilitator
    Spiritual Counseling
    Angels of Energy Healing
    Certified Angel Card Reader
    Certified Realm Reader
    Certified Spirit Guide Coach
    Elemental Space Clearing
    Certified Flower Therapy Healer
    Reiki Master Teacher
    Certified Medium by Carmel Joy Baird

    ❤Values ​​

    -Full attention to each of my students and clients applying 100% of my abilities during their sessions and readings. Enjoy an exclusive time for you!
    -Empowering people to have a clearer view of their present and its infinite possibilities of action for their wellbeing and growth.
    -All practices are directed towards self-knowledge and holistic harmonization so that each person, using their free will, may build their reality to be happy.
    -Honesty, integrity, respect, empathy, confidentiality, optimism, enthusiasm, collaboration and lots of good vibes!
    -Every person who comes here is cosmos-sent, and therefore each and every one is special, precious, complete and perfect! Everybody is VIP and we are all one. In'Lakesh: "You are my other self" in Mayan language.


    None of my practices are intended to substitute any indications of specialists such as doctors, psychologists, etc. The client is responsible for making the necessary decisions to act for their wellbeing in every way. Teamwork is always better! By official disposition in some countries, I must state that all of the holistic services are for entertainment purposes only. 


    -"If you are looking for a kind, honest reader that makes you feel enlightened, empowered, and blessed, you have found it!" -Paul

    -"After your sessions, I feel much better, lighter and peaceful." - S.

    -"What a beautiful and indepth reading, this reading really did resonate with me and I found it very inspiring. Cindy is lovely to work with ."- G.

    -"You are very accurate! You made me find my trust to go for my goals. Thank you!"- Gina

    -"Cindy is a lovely seller and her shop is awesome, she goes out of her way to help you. This was a lovely attunement and if you are into Angels then I recommend this." - G.

    -"Wonderful! I just love this!"- U.

    -"Wise, loving and fast holistic services. Highly recommended." - Raoul