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    The word Reiki is a combination of two Japanese words: Rei: divine, sacred, soul or spirit and Ki: universal life energy. Reiki is the Universal Spiritual Life Energy that is all-encompassing. This is a healing system that suits everybody. Some of its benefits are:

    ❤Increases vital energy
    ❤Releases energy blockages and suppressed emotions
    ❤Stimulates the immune system
    ❤Helps eliminate daily stress and anxiety
    ❤Aids emotional healing processes
    ❤Increases creativity and intuition
    ❤Provides a deep level of relaxation and wellbeing
    ❤Awakens potential qualities in yourself
    ❤Accelerates the healing processes of the body
    ❤Purifies and balances our life energy
    ❤Increases confidence and self esteem
    ❤Helps with detox processes
    ❤Can be used to help animals and plants
    ❤Transcends time and distance

    Reiki is a series of hands-on positions when done in person and works very well through distant treatments too. The well-intentioned and channeled energy of Reiki transcends the boundaries of space and time. It is very favorable to release past experiences and to optimize our present and future. So no matter where you are, Reiki sessions can reach you… yeyyyy!!!

    Reiki is based on five principles:
    ❤Just for today, let go of any worries.
    ❤Just for today, let go of anger.
    ❤Be kind to all beings.
    ❤Work honestly.
    ❤Be grateful for everything around you.

    Reiki’s pure nature results in positive and beneficial outcomes. Each therapy is unique because it works for each person in the ways they require. Reiki works just great with our pets and spaces too.

    I had the great fortune to work in hundreds of Reiki sessions and I can say that personally I am very honored and happy to witness many very good results. It is important to keep in mind that when you receive a Reiki, you can go with its flow without any specific axpectations. Its force will work at different levels and will always be divinely guided for your highest good. I invite you to keep in touch for the upcoming workshops of Reiki I, II and III.  You are also welcome to visit the webshop section to learn more about our services. Thank you and Reiki On! :)