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    Courses and Workshops

    ❤Online: 100% adapted for your times and ready to go wherever you are!
    ❤More info: cindy@vivatcrescatfloreat.com
    ❤Please allow 24 to 48 hours to deliver all learning materials and the diploma (when you graduate) via the email that you provide :) Thank you! xoxo


    Oneiric interpretation of your sweet dreams.

    Art & Design

    Art and design for your soul.


    Reiki ad absentia in the comfort of your home. Yummy! :)

    Holistic Studio

    Personal holistic coaching with positive tools, affirmations, guidance and good vibes :)


    Guided messages from the classic angel cards. These readings help us visualize positive persepctives to empower our present moment.


    Coming soon :)

    World Wisdom

    I Ching, Symbolon, Horoscope Mix, Runes, Folk Cards & more :)

    Evolutive Astrology

    Starry good vibes at your reach.

    Sacred Tarot

    Assorted Tarot readings specially for you!