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    Sacred Tarot

    Assorted Tarot readings specially for you!

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    Grand Tarot Reading
    Overview with the mystical Celtic Cross, five more displays to attend your specific questions and advices to close in harmony. Via Skype or landline; one hour.
    35 €
    One Question to the Tarot
    Reading designed especially to suit your one question. Advice to harmonize the present. Via email
    10 €
    Birthday or Anniversary Reading
    Trimestrial panorama over the trends to develop over a cycle that begins. Tips for harmonization, light and prosperity. Via Skype or landlines; one hour.
    35 €
    Love Tarot
    Holistic session for couples or singles in order to obtain greater self-awareness and so make the most out of our uniqueness :) Via skype, one hour.
    35 €