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    World Wisdom

    I Ching, Symbolon, Horoscope Mix, Runes, Folk Cards & more :)

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    I Ching
    Chinese ancestral guide exclusively for artists or to deepen an essential circumstance. Only one key issue to be addressed philosophically. εїз Via email.
    35 €
    Stellae Mundi
    Personal report that contains the stellar description of various world cultures: Mayan, Aztec, Chinese, Gypsy, Celtic, Druid, Alchemic, Arabic, Hindi and Egyptian. It includes your Sun sign, Moon and Ascendant in Western Astrology. εїзVia email.
    35 €
    Viking Runes
    Recibe un panorama sobre las energías en torno a tu persona o alguna situación en particular con esta herramienta de origen natural. Tirada de 12 runas estilo casas del zodiaco. εїз Via email.
    30 €
    Nature Runes
    Great way to glimpse at the power of each season. Brief description of spring, summer, autumn and winter. 8-rune layout Via email εїз.
    21 €
    Panoramic insights and three extra questions in the traditional French style of Mlle. Lenormand. 40 minutes via skype or landlines.
    27 €
    Reading from this cosmo-psychological deck which unveils the root of your question along with its virtuous strategic action. You may clarify one relevant current issue with a three card lay-out. Via email.
    15 €